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Nobody Gets Elected Into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013

Well the baseball Hall of Fame did what we thought they would in 2013 and didn’t elect a single player.  The balloting is conducted by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America and verified by Ernst & Young.  There were 569 ballots cast this year, which is the 3rd highest total in the history of the balloting process.  None of the 37 candidates gained the required 75 percent (427 votes) for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Craig Biggio, who had 3,060 hits in his career and was a seven-time All-Star while playing three positions, topped the ballot with 388 votes.  Personally I would have to argue against this one.  There are only about 30 players in the 3,000 hit club, not to mention he played on the same team (Houston Astros) his whole career.  That is pretty rare these days.

Other players named on more than half the ballots were pitcher Jack Morris with 385 (67.7 percent), first baseman Jeff Bagwell with 339 (59.6), catcher Mike Piazza with 329 (57.8) and outfielder Tim Raines with 297 (52.2).  The ballot was full of steroid era players, and suspicions among voters probably kept the voting to a minimum.  The big name first balloters this year were Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens who both received around 37%.  Bonds and Clemens were both publicly accused of steroids and will probably never make the Hall of Fame unless voters change their stance on steroids one day.  Honestly, I think they should judge people based on the time in which they played.  Put the steroid era in their own section somehow.  Don’t get me wrong though, if they never get in I won’t be crying myself to sleep.